Hazardous Materials Inspections in Residential Properties

Reviews and Feedback We Received From Previous Clients

We hired Professional Lead Inspections(PLI) to assess lead risks in our row home in Washington, D.C., which presented a number of lead paint risks. Three other lead inspection and assessment companies had failed to completely and properly identify the multiple lead sources in our home. PLI was the only company that took the time to evaluate our entire property carefully, and to conduct thorough sampling to identify every potential source. After we arranged to have the lead sources in our home abated, PLI conducted follow-up sampling to confirm that our lead issues had been resolved. Of all of the lead assessment and inspection contractors we worked with, PLI was the most thorough, the most helpful, the most professional, and the most pleasant and enjoyable to work with. I would highly recommend PLI to anyone. 

-Sean Carman, Residential Owner - Washington, DC 

As a 30 year resident and landlord in Montgomery County, I have relied on Professional Lead Inspections, LLC for prompt and expert service to minimize tenant disruption and turnover down time. The firm is exceptionally responsive, organized, accommodating and professional. It is always a pleasure to work with them. 

-Caroline Alderson, Takoma Park, Maryland.